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Production process

YutoRi18 run OEM business and processing denim based in Okayama.
Total producing of the entire process from planning to design and production is available. 
We have own processing factory and connections to many subcontract factories so that we handle variety of designs.

  • Planning meeting

    We decide a final image from design or similar samples and will propose a plan and materials that meet the requests of our customer.

    What kind of items do you handle?
    Basically we can produce any items. Depending on requests, we use own and subcontract factories properly and meet variety of customer needs.
    Could you show materials?
    We have fabric backgrounds that we can present materials you need.


  • Sample making (fabric / sewing / processing)

    We will create a sample based on the final image.

    I wat to make it look like a picture I saw in a magazine…
    We can create patterns and specifications from the picture with our system.
    Could you procure materials?
    We will conduct total support of entire process from procuring materials to special processing and production.

    Virtual sample making

    We can create and check virtual sample designs by using real and highly precise simulations.

    What can we do with virtual samples?
    You can see more specific product image on the computer so that it is possible to make the time shorter from planning to sample check. Therefore, you can put the products with trends in your stores as soon as possible.
    I would like to see an image after processing…
    We can show you an image that create with processed swatch and virtual samples ahead of the actual processing.

  • Sample check

    You can check the details and size of the completed sample.
    We will propose another variation with the picture created by virtual sample and give you an estimate.

    Could you adjust the size?
    A fine adjustment can be corrected. In some cases, we can also make a 2nd sample.


  • Mass production(fabric / processing / finishing)

    We will produce with best way and factories according to item, cost, or product lot.
    There are experienced craftsmen in our factory. We are particular about thorough and reliable manufacturing by making uses of our outstanding sense and technology.

    I would like to check the work progress…
    We will contact you step by step based on a management table we hand out.
    Please be assured that we carry out everything from sewing to processing and finishing, and no loss in logistics.

  • Delivery

    We will inspect and needle inspect and deliver the products to the manufacturer.
    Also, we will deliver safe products after inspecting and needle inspecting twice at the production line and 3rd party inspection company.

    I would like to check the products before delivery…
    Depending on your request, we can show the inspected products before delivery.

    We consistently carry out “listening production”. Please feel free to contact us for any questions such as costs, delivery dates, etc.